Praying Scripture

Say that again?

If you have older children, you undoubtedly know the pride and sometimes chagrin when, at an opportune moment, they repeat back to you  what you have told them.  At least, you know they were listening!  There is no arguing with your own words, though sometimes we may want to when they are coming back at us!

God is infinitely above us, and can be counted on to stand by His own word; so the principal is the same.  This is one reason why praying scripture is so effective.   Our faith is increased even more, too, when we see Him “move mountains”  by the strength of His word in our prayers.

New Testament authors made a habit of quoting scripture, and praying it also helps instill it in our heads and hearts.  Not a bad thing for our children to see us doing, is it?  Wouldn’t it be great if they  repeated that back to us too?

I will be posting scripture that may be used as prayer on certain subjects  if you need help getting started.  This should be an eventful journey!